Be That North Star for Your Loved Ones

Life is indeed a funny joke. There are people whom we often bump on to, and there are people, who guide us like the north star, and yet they are light years away.

Wouldn't it be nice to be that North Star for someone else's life?

It is absolutely painful when we see our loved ones commiting mistakes in life. Some mistakes such as, "Oops! I spilled coffee" are forgettable. Its the serious ones which make us sad, angry and above all, depressed.

Let them fall for once
Let them fall for once
There are ways and means with which we can make them a better person - by letting them go and figure it out. 

Many of us fell down while playing when we were kids (If you didn't then may god bless you!). Remember what our parents did? They never stopped us from playing, but they picked us up when we fell. They used to distract us with all sorts of things like hitting the stone that hurt us or may be something else.

The point is - Don't stop your loved ones from committing mistakes and especially, DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

Remember, the North Star is there to guide us, only when we look for it in the sky.

Be there for your loved one when he/she asks for help. Help them get back on two feet. This is where you will exceed their expectations. 

We will not be there for our loved ones after we die, but one thing is for sure - memories is what will remain as our best gift to them. 

Ensure to have that perfect gift, OK?


  1. First thing's first...may not be one of your best but definitely an usual blog of yours that conveys what 'you want to convey'."They never stopped us from playing, but they picked us up when we fell".This definitely is my favorite. nevertheless, to comment on the specialties of this blog - short and sweet, quick as your thoughts, sharp as your thinking and loving as a mother......that's really all i can say....

  2. Hi Auri!

    I'm impressed with his writing, his intelligence and sensitivity and can convey in words how human feelings as well, especially touches me deeply because I am from another culture and think that there are many cultural differences but when I read it seems that there is seems to be no barriers and differences between people. Congratulations admire your way of being and culture. Excellent week. Bye, bye.



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