Turning Sadness into Opportunity

There is a time in our lives when we all get very upset, upset with the way our lives posing impossible odds in front of us. We retract to our shells when we see our life playing an unfair game with us.

Many questions begin flooding our minds – “Why is it happening to me? What did the other guy do that he got it all and I am stuck here?”

The problem doesn't emerge when we begin to think like this, the problem arises from the fact that we start to take life so seriously that we begin to survive, forgetting to live.

How to be happy? 

Try living your life, instead of just surviving through it.

A few months back, I was going through one of the most terrible phases of my life. I came this close to living my dream, becoming something important to myself. It never materialized and to make matters worse, I contracted Jaundice on my way back and was bed-ridden for over a month. 

God had given me some serious time to introspect. I was an object, vacantly watching the blur that was in the TV. 

Nothing made any sense.

During the end of this agonizing period, I went up on the roof one fateful night. The sky was crystal clear and studded with beautiful stars. The beauty was akin to a bride on her wedding night.

It struck me then. A mere simple and yet a profound thought.

I realized I had just wasted a month and a half, mourning over the recent failure. There were many other things I could’ve done.

In short

"I could’ve lived, yet I chose to survive."

Since then I haven’t just survived a single day. I have tried to live each and every moment to the fullest.

I got a new job, shifted to a new place and have never looked back again.

I am STILL an aspiring army officer and I am HAPPY to try and not just give up.

Never be sad with a closed door. Because with the closed door, comes a thousand open windows...windows of sheer opportunities.


  1. Amazingly fast moving.....You conveyed everything what you needed to in just a number of sentences. Even though writing your thorough feelings would take people to flip through pages.....Yet again a blessed one......

  2. Beautifully written. This post inspired me and it gave me a lot to think about.
    Thank you.

  3. All of us go through bad patches. Thanks for reminding us that we have to get up, dust ourselves and start running again. In spite of the bruised knees.

    Please don't stop writing! 'Coz many of us would love to read well-written accounts about life in the army!

    : )

  4. I knew this would be uplifting! God does give us some tough challenges to master, but you have taken the opportunity to let him build your character and make you stronger. You are doing just what you should, you produce fruit.May God continue to bless you:) Thanks for shareing

  5. Something that's simple but everyone forgets to follow...that's what this post says...the way you've written this post is truly inspiring...

  6. Hi Aurindam! Hope u had a superb time watching the match yesterday. I was browsing through your posts when I came across this one. I could very well relate to your condition as I have faced the same myself. I think everyone does. Just the state of affairs and intensity may vary. Things changed in an abrupt way on which I had no control. But looking back I feel no remorse. I could feel the invisible hands of God taking control and today I’m glad that things took a different course.
    At one point u have written, "I could’ve lived, yet I chose to survive." In this context, I would like to mention 3 stages – live, survive and succumb. So u see, u did not succumb but survived. That way, u have won half the battle.:)
    I would like to share one sms forwarded by my friend. U might have read it because sms forwarding service is faster today. :)
    “I may be walking slowly but I never walk backwards..And if I walk backwards, I’m preparing for a long jump.”

    May God help u to fulfill your aspiration. Have a good life!

  7. Why though not look at the time You spent in sadness and introspection as not wasted. After all , most likely, You would not get the insights that led You to change Your life for better if You did not get to go through that low time. And You most likely would not appreciate Your new path as much as You do if You had no contrast (of Your past experiences in that low state) to put it against.
    Of course You came to this conclusion at the end of Your survival.
    What would happen if we knew at the beginning of the sad, low, negative times of so called "survival' that they are not so; that they are not meant to and not going to be wasted. We would see the light at the end of the tunnel right at its beginning.
    Everything is God given, even the so called "low" or "wasted" times. Faith and Patience is what is also given to us to use while going through them without wasting the precious energy. If it happens to us- we are ready for it. Let's look at life from the positive perspective even when things do not go the way we wish they do. This is a suggestion not so much to You anymore, though it can be applied always, but more to those of the readers of Your post and the ensuing comments who are in the dark tunnel, its beginning, end or anywhere in between. There is always time to change for better.
    Thanks for sharing Your inspiring insights in a nice style. Good luck with everything!


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