Letting Go Helps

Emotions are really hard to explain. The ones who are able to express their deepest desires and feelings are some how better off than those who can’t.

It is a terrible feeling which grips you when one of your closest ones has to go, some where far away,may be forever. You have so much to talk about, and yet you have so little time. You  just don’t have enough time to thank that person for all the wonderful things he/she has done to you, for you.

The sands of time escape faster when you try and tighten your grip.

The news reached me late at night when I was about to retire.I had had a bad day and seeing the chat window pop-up was absolutely not welcoming to me. Reluctantly, I opened the message to find that message – A friend of mine was going away, possibly for life. I asked for the relevant details and in a matter-of-factly way, switched off.

I wish our minds could be shut - off just like that. But alas! I am so damn wrong.

The sadness of losing that friend was too overwhelming for me to think about the good ol’ days.I was partly angered, partly saddened. Being an analytical person has its own sweet disadvantages. I just couldn’t see the rationality behind this person’s move.

I wanted to tighten the grip and yet not lose a speck of sand in the process.

But wisdom caught the better of me just before dawn.

Let it go as if it's the sand
Courtesy - penelopesoasis.com
Some times, we all have to make a tough choice at some point of time in life. These decisions are hard, and have more casualties than we want there to be. Sometimes, in order to  help some body grow in life, we have to let them go. You may feel they won’t be able to sustain themselves without your guidance, but more often than not, we tend to under mine the abilities of many people. We fail to ask ourselves one simple question – Are they really growing in life with us around?

The trouble with today’s world is that many of us tend to judge a situation from the point of view of either an “I” or a “you”. Try and sit back and think some times – Will your loved one be able to carry on the journey without you?

Let us face this simple fact– No one stays with us forever. The real point of love is to help someone grow irrespective of us being or for that matter, NOT being there anymore.

Sometimes, throwing someone both ends of the rope does help. But this shouldn’t be the case when they aren’t ready.

There is/are a few who make you their world. With your ups and downs, they are with you.While this may seem like a dream-come-true scenario for any of us, it may not be like that way, forever.

Never think how well you are with that person around you. Think how well that person will be without you.


  1. Beautiful.....Just beautiful........This time i seriously can't find words so can't really express.......God Bless...

  2. "Are they really growing in life with us around" ... needs profound thinking :) Very Nicely written!
    Good luck! :)

  3. Hi Auri!!!
    As always an awesome text, very deep, difficult to deal with the detachment. Very nice video, the leaves on the ground ... BRAZIL arrived here in the autumn and the trees change their leaves, is beautiful, but I like summer and spring. Congratulations text. Good morning! Bye Bye

  4. We all have our own ways of growing up now, don't we? And growing up with help is often better than growing up without....Very nice video.

  5. SuperLIKE Bro! Love the video as well. Another good post... keep it up! :)

  6. I want to read the whole stuff you have written. But just one suggestion, your widget with the Chipmunk (I think, or whoever) is a bit disturbing and blocking my view.

  7. I think I have a lot to learn from this post of yours, at the point of life that I stand today.....and the kind of decisions I have to take, your post is very helpful! Thank u!

  8. Nice writeup.A truth many of us realise but rarely wish to accept!


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