Friendship and Memories

I was going way over 60kmph on a gloomy December morning. The recently laid road was just what I wanted.  The dry air made my eyes wet and tears came out from the sides. The pointer went higher and higher and I lost track of time.

I was going to my college re-union, the college where I spent three years and countless moments. It was here that I got introduced to the bengali culture, it was here that I started speaking my mother tongue. It was here that I came to know what love was and, above all, what friendship was.

I made a long right turn and turned off the engine. I was at the college gates.

It was like I had bumped on to an old friend. I felt every piece of brick talking to me, telling me how happy they were to see me. Just like a child, who, after meeting up with his/her mom years later, can't seem to ask anything because he/she is so damn excited just to see her!

As I made my way to the riverside of the campus, memories came gushing at me. I kept on looking for the waves of familiar faces among the sea of students and ex-students whom I didn't even know.

The sun played hide and seek with the dark clouds and it was unusually windy.

(Gosh! I have so much to write about!)

Our college sits just along the banks of the river Ganga. Alongside the bank, trees were chopped to be made into little seats.

Light shimmered down the water and I could see fishermen laying their trap. I could make out four of them. There was no one besides me. It wasn't much trouble finding my people though. For a brief moment, I closed my eyes and there they were! Deep in my thoughts.

I could still hear his guitar amongst the ruffling leaves, I could still hear her singing her favorite number. I could hear two boys talking about their computers and I could make out someone just lying there, listening to the guy playing the guitar while she looked at the sky.

I had a huge group of my own people just a couple of years back. And yet, I was alone now. I remembered few awkward lines I read somewhere I don't remember.

Getting a chance to visit the college was my dream since I left..

I went..

I saw the long pathways of fate lying lonely ahead with bundles of scattered leaves fallen from the tree of love!

The tree of hope!

The tree under which once friendship was made..

I fell in love with someone..!

Lonely classrooms with a gentle breeze flowing from the window of change filled in the thoughts of the past..!

Pictures of my friends flashed through my mind like photographs..!

The moments we spent together..

The sadness that they are gone..!

Their voices haunted my thoughts

Only memories would be there in place of my friends..!

In the darkness of my memories, in the darkness of my thoughts..!

My mind slowly whispered.. "Heaven was here ..once"

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There are times in each of our lives when the people we love, suddenly disappear. It is awfully painful and yet not justified.

Pain can be handled if it is justified.

I have made new ones since then, and yet  it is the old ones I miss more. 

So, here is my Christmas wish - I hope our friendship remains the same, full of life and love. 


  1. ,...... I am still thinking what to comment. Trying hard not to cry...! Immeasurably, inconceivably, incomprehensibly thoughtful, vivacious and celestial! God bless!
    P.S. - You made me wait for too long before i could comment on one!

  2. Awesome boss.... Great work... You know I am a college student with only one semester left. I had best experience of the world there, and will miss it more than anything I could.. Your blog strongly shooked up! Kudos for friendship and college.

  3. This is really beautifully written. I enjoyed reading this post very much and I can't wait for another one.

  4. Hi Auri!!!
    Wow! I loved this text! A lesson about friendship! You write very well. I'm from Brazil, here I am studying English. I'm still learning but then read your wonderful text, sorry that is not enough to help the translator also text. If you want to know me and follow me will be a pleasure. My blog is
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  5. Hi...never been to college ever since I graduated due to a few personal reasons...but makes me want to have captured the feelings I get when I look at the old pics with college friends....great post

  6. Hi Auri!!!
    Merry Christmas and all your dreams come true in the new year. Happy Holidays!!!
    Bye, bye

  7. Dear Auri,

    Anything I would say, would still fall short to convey the sea of emotions I felt when I read this blog. Your friends are lucky to have you in their life.


    "B" (@BurgerrB)

    1. Thank you Bee!!

      Glad you liked it. =) Real. real. glad.


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