Darkness Is Bliss

The sound of cold wind brushing up against the palm leaves at the dead of the night made me wonder, wonder the other side of my actions.

I was alone.

It was way back in the evening that it all started. My phone constantly buzzed with the plethora of mails and mentions, comments my friends had made and the likes I received, I dashed it aside. I kept walking, walking on the joggers’ lane besides the lake. The sun had just gone down and only a fading orange light glistened across the horizon. Birds were headed back home and night was fast taking over. 

Everywhere I read, I hear words which tell us to let go off the darkness that shrouds our world. Are we really able to do that in the end? Do we ever get the courage to face some of the ugly truths which constantly pull us down? I guess not.

Street-lights were up and glowing and the light made its way through the leaves of trees. That was the moment when I stopped and glanced one last time at the lake. I had run for 30 odd minutes and I was tired. I made my way to a seat nearby to catch my breath.

I was alone.

I suddenly realized that I was angry; angry at others, at myself, at life and at anyone and everyone. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t let go off that pathetic feeling. I was feeling disappointed at myself for letting my mind take a good laugh at me and saying, “I told you so!”

Sometimes, darkness is needed
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I had made a simple mistake – one that I thought I would never make again. 

I had trusted.

When you trust someone, you give them a chance – a chance to either take you way high, or way down.

If you want to stay, you need to deal with this subject in the most careful manner as possible. Otherwise, at the end of the day, when you stand all there by yourself, with no one besides you, it WILL hurt.

This brings to the reason I started with this blog – darkness. There are many inspirational people out there who are out to tell you how bad darkness is, how it can ruin your life. Darkness, they say, is the opposite of light (read life). But most of them, ironically, end up saying how to start with your “Quest towards the light.”

I am happy by being at dark. I am happy NOT knowing the truth. Truth got me nothing but sadness.

The word “Friends” has really gone for a spin in the recent days. Friends are not what you think they are anymore. They may want to know everything about you but they may not share even a single thing about them.

And I have retaliated. I have made them feel how successful I am at hurting them back. I have successfully made them feel miserable and I am beginning to make less friends these days.

I am Happy
Knowing that my life is short, I enjoy my moments..and I am happy
I am happy at office..I am happy when I am home
Friends don’t have time..I am happy watching their updates
Someone is upset. . I am happy being at the receiving end
The one I cant reach out to …I am happy with the memories.
So what if the past wont come again, I am happy reliving the days.
Don’t know a shit about tomorrow, I am happy dreaming.
We all will laugh away the moments, I am happy being in them forever.
Knowing that my life is short, I enjoy my moments..and I am happy..
Am I?


  1. this is good :D nicely put with the pics n all..double like

  2. ............:-)........I don't really need to watch a video to understand the emotions that you try and convey through your writings.....The words themselves lets us know the expressions hidden. Aurin If there are things God hasnt blessed us with, there are also certain things with which he has! Cherish them.......and i knpw you do......Since i am too speechless to utter a word about this blog all i can again say is God bless........people who can read u,are the only ones would know how much this blog holds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i so so loved this one..the quest towards life,starts from the darkness.when you are born,te first 9 months in the darkness of your mother's womb,determines a lot of things about you.it is really in the darkness,that you find your true self.
    superbly written dada..i loved it

  4. oh i forgot to add something.......It's a blog which is definitely more than perfect. You created the vibe and eloquence by adding the "I am happy...." .....and ending it with "or am i...." This is a question, i am sure everyone of us ask ourselves when left alone in a room.......yes!!!!!! aaahh!!! Trust!!!!!! What a word that is huh!!!!!

  5. Deep! Since i am going through a phase of darkness in my life, the words conveyed their inherent stories so effortlessly. Darkness can make you mad, lifeless, yet darkness alone heralds a new dawn! That is life! The videos were added bonus! :) Good one :)

  6. dis is s best of yours i have read so far, powerful n yet simple in narrative. describing d hardhitting truth in a way it should be.
    Loved it

  7. Hi Auri!!!
    You write very well indeed, it is good to travel through their texts. The videos are amazing! I love to read blogs from other countries, but I wish they had a translator with flags to what other people from different countries could also read and learn about new cultures as diverse and interesting. This is really cool.

  8. Seems like you're confused....and well, it takes all kinds of people to make the world...so don't take it too hard if you met the wrong ones first...it'll all be alright...


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