A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

It is really in the wind, isn’t it? The numbness. Nightlights look so milky as I walk back from office. I see people huddled around makeshift fires, mostly rickshaw-walas and cabbies. My breathing is a bit deep.

Yes, the winter is here.

I often imagine nature to be a living breathing woman. And winter to me is as beautiful and serene as a woman, when she lifts her face, and her striking eyes looking at you, full of glow. And that curl of hair with a drop of water hanging precariously on the end, kissing her cheeks. That shy smile, which makes you happy, makes you feel at home.

Winter is a time when you can cherish one very simple thing – Coffee.

No, you can’t fully enjoy coffee when it rains. The winner there clearly is tea in an earthen pot, or which an average bangali calls, “Bharer Cha.”

The subtle hints of coffee beans, with the right amount of milk can really set the tone of your mood, and your day.

Someone said, just about anybody can make coffee. But, to really know how to make coffee will be like infusing life somewhere.

Making coffee demands love. Just like life.

A hot cup of coffee besides your bed on a cold winter night is the best sight in the whole wide world. An only better sight is when it is your love bringing that cup of coffee. With your love running her fingers through your hair – that is when you know it, that you are finally home.

My short stint as a paying guest in the city has taught me to understand relationships, fast. It has nonetheless, taught me one more thing – Nothing can beat that morning cup of pure unadulterated love.

There may be hundreds of coffee-shops in the city but when you have that one cup in the morning, you can be rest assured to power your way through the day like a gladiator in a Colosseum, fighting away to glory.
So, this winter, way after the thanksgiving celebrations are done with, take a time out.

Make one cup full of coffee and treat yourself, to life!

Because when it comes to making oneself (or other’s) happy, nothing can ever beat that rich taste of pure mountain-grown coffee.

So, who wants one? :)


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  4. there's something about your blogs you know.Seriously Da..they are fresh,absolutely pristine,simple and so very true and refreshing..
    well to put it in a nut shell..Something just made my day..:)

  5. Whenever I sit down with a cup of coffee after a hard day, I feel like sitting with a friend who is silently there for me. And you seem to hav described what I feel better than I ever can.


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