5 Things to Make Diwali Special

Diwali ideas for your loved ones
Diwali is time when we must forgive even our enemies (or frienimies for that matter). It is a very beautiful occasion and one must do everything in his/her power to spread the festive joy and warmth. 

Here are the top five things you must do to usher in the festivities in style –

Treat Yourself!!!

Yes! You heard it right! We often forget to spend some time with our own self. So, do this simple thing, take out about a hour or so and order that one thing you really love, and treat yourself. Be a bit selfish in this regard. Trust me, you are gonna love it!

Make Elders Feel Special

Many of us have elders in our homes. Or during Diwali, many of us go visit them. A visit to our grandparents is always treated as a waste of time (and boy! it makes me sad!).  Many people whom I know, plan their movie-outings with the visit to their grandparents.

Try and brighten their lives by not existing, but by being there with them. Spend some quality time with them. Take them out for a walk or spend some time watching TV with them. They’ll be happy and you will surely receive loads of blessings.


Many of us do our annual house cleaning during this time. What do you do with the stuffs you throw away? Do they head straight to the dump-site? Do a simple little thing which won’t cause you much trouble. Put a word out through your maid the day you will be carrying out the cleaning. Tell your servants that anyone who needs old clothes can come up and take them from you. Will save you a lot of time and put loads of smile along the way.

Help Your Mom with the Puja

There you go! (C’mon! Puja! Mandir! Mom! Gotta be kiddin’ me,  man!) Now, here is one sure-shot way to get that new PSP this Diwali. Here is the simple deal – You take your mom to the temple and you can be pretty sure that she will help get that thing for her Raja Beta/Rani Beti! :D

Do something Unusual

First of all, this doesn’t mean running across the street in that Borat swim-suit. Do something that you would normally not associate with yourself. I will give you an idea of what I am trying to convey. The year before the previous year I treated every Rikshaw-wala in the vicinity with sweets. Later that year I made a documentary highlighting the lives of two Rikshaw-walas.

Getting an idea? Great! Then share it with us in the comments below! Have a great and safe Diwali. Hope you have a wonderful and successful life ahead. Enjoy!


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