Rules And Why We Don’t Need Them!

Every day we come across so many rules - Rules that have the potentials to turn us in to nothing more than a piece of tin. Right since the moment we are able to understand the meaning of words and gestures, are we made aware of this one particular word.

Rules are like these invisible strings that control our day-to-day life and make us what we are. Rules are hated by us, but like our lives, they just cannot be ignored. I once read somewhere, “What is the point in teaching the kids how to talk if throughout their lives we tell them to shut up and maintain silence?”

Many believe rules are made by those who have the power for those who don’t. Rules ensure that the rich and the poor stay how they are supposed to be.

Right since the time I hit the alarm, I come across so many rules. But most of them, ironically, are all about the restricting part.

I recently had the chance to spend some time near the calm sea shore. I figured, it is not just the authorities who impose the rules, it is us as well. We also set rules which make us likeable by some, hated by others.

Sometimes, many of us create rules, and a web of them, which we later regret. These rules ultimately prove disastrous for us and by the time we realize it, the moment is gone.
Rules are only as good as we allow them to be. By effectively breaking the rules, both internal and external, sometime we create pathways which leave a lasting impression for many.
Break the rules often
But then again, this is just a thought.

Wrapped up in the profound thoughts that may well kill someone, I woke up to this strange feeling. A feeling that just cannot be turned to words that easily. The dead silence of the night was actually a boon to me. Throughout the day, I talk, I work and I move. The darkness of the night just gave me ample reasons to listen, listen to my own self. 

The best thing you can do to yourself is by listening to your own self. I have realized it time and again. Every good thing has to come to an end. I realized I myself created some rules that have devastated me over the years. I had no one who could take back my words, my actions other than myself.

These rules are only as good as what you allow them to be.

Creating rules for ourselves is a very delicate task. One must be very careful when creating one for him/her. One of my previous posts dealt with people who built walls around themselves. The post tried to gauge why people create rules which makes their lives miserable altogether.

Create rules that would stop yourself from becoming vulnerable to unwanted people, not the rules that would do more harm than good.


  1. 'Rules'......You made a point in letting people know that breaking a rule against an unwanted one is exactly what we need and that's what we should do!!!! You made me realize that rules are meant to be broken but in the most positive way for our own selves.!!!! An awessooommmmmee piece of writing...God Bless!!!!!

  2. I think that rules are often pointless but our society couldn't function without them. Rules are part of a social contract by Rousseau, that's just the way it is...

  3. Hi Auri!!!
    Like much of Indian culture and philosophy, especially Mahatma Gandhi. Hill of curiosity to know more about India ... I wonder if you've been in tajmahal or appreciates this philosophy ... I find it incredible ... I think I was born in the wrong parents because I prefer a thousand times Eastern thought that the Western
    Have a good week
    Bye, Bye

  4. really liked what u wrote n cudnt agree more. rules dat are meant to keep the machinery of society working smoothly are the very ones that one day break it down to pieces!

  5. i couldn't agree more..i just wish,everyone found their way to this blog..

  6. I think rules were put in place as guidelines in the beginning, but then everyone is so used to following them that they have failed to look beyond the rules or try and be flexible...great post, as always.

  7. Wow! It was gorgeous the new look of your blog. I loved it. The birds are beautiful, flying toward their dreams forever. Good weekend.

  8. I loved your blog write so well :)Emotions ,feelings expressed beautifully ..honestly very few can write like you....Sharmistha

  9. I guess you are right, rules do restrict us, but rules made as guidelines for oneself, after some clear thinking should be fine I guess. Also all rules need to be flexible, and open to changing, as and when found necessary.


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