Love Your Parents and Be Blessed

There are times when we begin questioning our very own existence. These are  times when we suddenly see everyone going away from us. We begin to feel dejected and exhausted with millions of thoughts criss-crossing our minds. Life has always been a learning curve for us. Those of us who know where and what life tried to teach us, are left contended. It is that lot which never understands when life gives them a chance find themselves in utter mess when any unforeseen circumstance happens.

We, like the everyone, are close to our parents. One finds the joys of the whole world in the eyes of mother and discovers the true meaning of heaven in the feet of father. But, with the incessant use of technology these days, we are so connected to our friends (and probably their's) that we hardly have time for the people who gave us life, who made us what we are today.

hand holding fingerWhat is the use of technology if it alienates our parents from us. A tree, no matter how big, would fall dead without its roots. Why are we not being able to understand this simple thing?

I am asking a simple question, "What bothers your dad or mom, right now?". Will you be able to answer that? Well, a typical bonehead answer can always be expected, "They are absolutely fine." But the truth is, they are not. Something is bothering them and you better lend an ear to their problems.

Seeing one's son/daughter getting busy with his/her life is something that will eat any parent from within. It makes them feel unwanted. And the saddest part of it all is - They did nothing to deserve it.

Life without a parent (or both) is terrible. Trust me, it is not easy to live a life sans one's parents. So, do one simple little thing everyday. Before you sleep and wish your boyfriend/girlfriend, a sweet good night, take out 5 mins and have a talk with your mom or dad (or both). Ask them how was their day, what did they do. You will be amazed to hear things that you didn't even know.

And then, may be, you will have something better than, "They are absolutely fine!"

God bless you.


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  3. Hi Auri!!!
    What beautiful text! His words are so true! Congratulations!
    Have a nice day!


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