Life Is Nothing but a Speck of Dust

Love your parents and be blessed

It is one of the saddest moments of life, when we have to see our loved ones pass away. I am simply not prepared to let someone I love go, ever. And yet, they have to leave at some point of time, isn't it?

"The soul has to leave the body for it is be at one with god."

Why can't we have the people we love to be with us, forever? It is a harsh truth to face when we have to see the angels who brought us to this world, who held our hand and helped us walk, go away. But, lord is with us. He has some divine plan rolled up on his sleeves for us.

The people you cherish so dearly like your parents, your beloved, your relatives, are there to tell you that you mean more to them than you can ever imagine. And that you need to be happy. When god takes away someone whom we so dearly love, he is trying to convey that we need to be more responsible henceforth. 

There shouldn't be any kind of sadness, albeit momentary, when we see our loved ones pass away. Every soul in this world is here because of something. It is their karma that becomes the reason for them to be here. When they finish what they came here for, their job is done.

I was especially close to my dog. As a child, I made our dog my world. Being the only son, Jimmy was everything to me. But then he grew old and passed away one day. I was devastated. My world had collapsed. I remember my father coming up to me and taking my hand to get a new dog. 

He said, "Baba, it was his time. Don't be sad. I will get you a new dog. But promise me to take care of him. To nurture him and make him what you aspire for." This is how we brought Sumo. And soon, I was at peace with Jimmy leaving me. I simply changed the way I perceived everything, and now I was happy.

Whenever God closes one door, he makes sure to open a couple of windows. It is we who need to decide whether to mourn over the closed door or sit up and enjoy the window-view.

It is all about love, isn't it?

Enjoy every moment with the people who consider you to be their world. With them, the picture would definitely look perfect. Without them, the picture will never be complete, howsoever perfect. 

(Dedicated to Nupur, my sweetest friend who lost her dad a couple of days ago. Her strength is an inspiration for me and for the world.)


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