Deciphering Moments

When was the last time you actually sat down and really enjoyed that cup of tea that is at your desk right now. Savoring the taste of the tea, relishing it's warmth and thanking it for helping you pause for a moment, have you done that lately?

Moments, good and bad, fill our daily lives like the fresh cold wind which fills up the winter season. Whether we believe in them or not, these infinitely short periods of time have a profound impact on our selves. What do we know about moments? Are they for real?

I find it very confusing when someone says, "Hope this moment lasts forever." How is that possible? Many a times between the maddening office schedule and the daily traffic, I have always tried to demystify this word for my own self. Will moments be that enjoyable if they stay with us forever? 

Acknowledging a moment is crucial for us to truly enjoy the subtle hints of life. Moments, for me are like festivals. Now, the inherent characteristics about festivals is that just when we seem to enjoy them, they get over. Festivals are enjoyable since they take a whole year to come again.

Moments are hard to come by. A lazy winter afternoon with your head resting on your beloved's lap is a moment when you experience sheer heaven. The streaks of light coming in between from your beloved's hair and her shy smile of happiness of having you with her is something that brings peace to you. These are the shared moments we all should relish.

moments are like a blossoming rose
Being mindful is a key for enjoying moment, one after the other.

In the mad times we live in, it is undoubtedly quite hard to give each moment the importance it deserves. And this insanely is the single most biggest reason why I love photography and hold every photographer in high regards. Photographers often speak about how they are able to capture a moment and reproduce it to us. Skilled photographers often are able to capture the deeper emotions behind every moment.
(When will I have the money to buy a DSLR and learn photography?)

Our mind is one heck of a thing. It can make our day or can ruin it for us. There are times when your mind is filled up crazy thoughts which are downright impossible to recreate in real life. Most the time whenever I am alone (and not wired in), I make it a point to reach out to my thoughts.

There are various advantages to reaching out to one’s thoughts which are always scrambling for attention. I am not asking you to put a cap on those thoughts, how much irrelevant they are to you or to anybody else. It is nearly impossible to stop the thoughts from jamming up your head.

There was a time when I was also bombarded by these irrelevant thoughts which hampered my daily life. I decided to do something about them. I just gave the thoughts the attention they deserved and slowly these unwanted thoughts which made my life a sheer hell are now much gone.

From enjoying a simple sweet and relishing all of them one at a time to enjoying the first drops of cold November rain, moments can really spice up your life. The feelings that erupt when you are in one of those moments are hard to put in words.

Take a time out to enjoy the moments and the thoughts that come up to your mind and you will discover the hidden key to happiness, the ever eluding happiness.



  1. Hmmm......Thoughtful as usual..... A good and pleasant read.All your blogs have something meaningful to convey. In the sense that they have both an inner and outer meaning. People need to be having vague and yet profund thoughts to read your blogs.If you know what i mean! God Bless!

  2. Wow... This is so deep, thoughtful, meaningful and simply wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this post with a cup of tea in my hand. You have a point and we all should learn from you.

  3. Hi Auri!!!
    I love everything you write. I wonder how India will be life there? But I see that the feelings and thoughts seem to be universal, no matter where we live or our culture it seems that the emotions and anxieties are to the same, you always transcribe them so sensitive. Really beautiful. Ah! Like you I love photography. Have a good week !!! Bye Bia

  4. Lovely video on Deciphering the moment:)he concept is an age-old one - one of living the present moment - Gita, Art of Living, Transcendental Meditation. but it's a good reminder to the present generation in a simple do-able way:)


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