Be Happy With Whatever You Have

painting of a Baul singer
I have always loved the ocean. The sound of waves crashing into each other and onto the boulders has always calmed me down from within. I can sit on the shore for hours and hours keeping my eyes closed and just listen to the sound of love.

A few weeks back ( seemed like yesterday) I had the pleasure to bring the best of my worlds, closer. I went to Digha with three beautiful souls. Those two days were simply awesome for me. We guys were exactly 234 Km away from all the problems that bugged us. 

We were happy.

But let us just save the experience to some other post. What I want to share with you all is my experience while returning back home – The train ride. As our train made its way through the winding fields of crop, we became an audience to a folk singer. (Weirdly enough, I forgot his name)

He had a terrific voice, typical to his area of specialization. His distinctive clothes and his musical instrument, which meant much more than life to him, made him even more inviting.

And then, he began.

He started with an ode to his master (every baul singer does that), but couldn’t gather much attention. But we guys were hooked. We were enjoying his singing just like mavericks enjoy smoking in a rock concert. Hah!

After that, he switched on to some of the popular baul numbers (low-graded stuff basically), and had people dance to his tunes right from the second verse.

After he was done with his performance, he sat down and drank some water.

And then he started to reflect. We two were listening with rapt attention.

“Ashole garom khub poreche to babu, tai beshi gaite parina. Golae prochanda chap pore.” (Since the weather is so warm, I can’t sing at a stretch.)

“Ami ei train e prayi jai. Shobai chene amake. Tai keu kichu bolena.” (I perform in this train quite often. Everyone around here knows me and so nobody stops me from doing my job.

“Khub kom taka pai tobe chole jachhe bhogobnaer doya.” (Although I earn less, yet I am able to manage through God’s grace.)

I am simple guy, with simple wishes. I have always wanted to run-away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and I have always been unsuccessful. But here I was staring at this guy who lived what I wished for. In a way, he lived my dream.

I realized I was smiling. I was smiling since I came to know and understand something from him.

What did I learn from him? You can have a thousand things that may be out there to grab your attention. But you are the master of your ship my friend. Be contended with what you have and do what you want to do. Because 50 years down the line, you might regret NOT doing what you should’ve done.

And just when I was about to go in a deep thought, he took out his cell phone. Damn! :D


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