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Lighthouse by the sea at night
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Its 2 'o' clock and I am not asleep yet. I just finished designing the entire blog (hope you like it!) And Boy! Was it a relief! Anyways, let me tell you something that you all can expect from this blog. This blog is NOT a confessional kinda thing which most people believe are blogs written for. This blog will provide an outlet for me to share with the world  how I deal with life and what I learn from it.

Life has been a very intriguing subject to me. How do some people find happiness so easily and yet others keep searching for it just like I am searching for that one reason which will put me to sleep right now? I sincerely believe that being happy is the right of every living and breathing creature.

How to stay happy? Well, if you want to know more, then get back to this place (and your heart) quite often. You will find the best way to stay happy, even when the whole world is against you.

Take care people! Stay H.A.P.P.Y! :)


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  2. yes some people find happiness easier than others. I guess this is because these people are attuned to things that keep them happy regardless of the size. Important thing is to keep positive and happy things close to you. Personally, I love looking at happy art and I hang them on my bedroom, workstation and yoga room :)

    hope this helps!


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