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Between Silence and Words

the silence beneath the bark / le silence sous l'├ęcorce from joanna lurie on Vimeo.

There once was a war - one between a word and silence. Word felt it was the hope that the world needed, not the silence that befell before and after it. The word could be anything, it thought. It certainly, regardless of the capacity, would be far more empowering than silence, it believed. Silence remained, well, silent. It chose to let the word do the talking, quite literally, while it remained steadfast, ever strong and ever calm. The thing about silence wasn't that here was word telling it, belittling it, making it all the more omnipresent.
Silence remembered the time before, when the first word showed itself. Silence knew that the word wasn't the first enemy it faced, it was something else and that by default, silence would, like the eventuality of life, or death, win this war. All it had to do was let word play itself, twist itself, hurt itself, kill itself. Silence would be fine, as it …

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