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Indebted to Life: Stepping Out of Debt

They should really teach taxes and finance way earlier in our school, isn't it? It happened. The statement with a value that just won't go down and you don't know how to circumvent it. Well, it happened with me, as I am sure some of you may well be in the same boat right now. So, here's how I got out of it. 
It happened without much notice for a few years, actually - the credit card that came  complimentary with a lot of points promised with those purchases; the sudden trips that now almost always had the funds and the sheer amount of things that I could do without having to deal with real money, real cash in my hand. Before I knew it, I was spiralling down and every single measure undertaken to get myself out of the situation met with a sudden challenge and I was back to a square one, figuring out my next month's salary even before the first week of the previous month.
As I sat today with the final credit card bill in my hand, I looked back at all the tiny little th…

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