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Farewell, Dear Friend.

(EGO) from Leevi Lehtinen on Vimeo . There you are. You've been gone a while. Where have you been? Atleast in these times, when the body couldn't even step out, here you are, looking all fresh, as if you have just discovered a hidden waterfall that no one in the world has a clue of. What took you so long? This has been an excrutiating wait. It's as if a best friend leaving you without quite telling you why, only to come back and the conversation taking up from exactly you left off. But, well, here you're now. Tell me, how have you been? Tell me about your adventures - through the forests and to the mountains, their snake-like roads leading you to the sea, perhaps? Or did you hitch-hike your way through the dusty roads of the countryside, where nothing grows except disappointments and hurt? You look a little sun-burnt, your eyes look a bit too worn out. This smile that you have, the one that you took away from me without quite telling me, I have waited for you to retu

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