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The Unbridled Pain

ENOUGH from Anna Mantzaris on Vimeo.

You think you'll die of it - the sheer pain that's gripping every single part of your body. The hurt that this other person who seemingly entered your life like a knife through a warm butter had finally followed through with the blow. You were now increasingly splitting in half. Every single person around you was unable to fathom the sheer unadulterated pain that had captured the very existence of you.
You are not you anymore. It's pain. It's just the pain. Your thoughts soon grip you, choke you and make you incapable of making any progress in your life. You are thinking about the how's and the why's and the what if's and it all leads you to a kind of numbness that has always greeted you at the end of a party with your party-friends, friends who tell you that you are their "bro", only to forget about you when they are happy. But you don't care. You'll move on. You will survive.
The dimly lit room of a hote…

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