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Memories Lost to Sleep from Gary Roberts on Vimeo. Do you see? Do you see that book that's gathering dust by the shelf? The one that has got your name on it? Are you afraid to pick it up, make peace with it and listen to its stories? Perhaps you actually want the company, for the book has been waiting for you, patiently, if I may say so, for you to finally pay some degree of attention, even for a few minutes. The book, even though it has your name on it, somehow doesn't have your name in it. It's the perception of the people about you and some who've left some lasting impression on your book, through an act happy and/or sad. But today, it's another day. The dust finally seems to been making way for your fingers to grab the book, gliding over the scars of time that had, until now, hugged your book tight.
The book seems oddly heavy, like a religious textbook that your parents handed over to you, written in a language you didn't quite understand then. Their idea of…

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